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About Us An advisory firm in full expansion

DGE Construction is an enthusiastic, dedicated team of career management experts based in Belgium and Luxembourg. We offer tailor-made support in four specific areas: architecture, real estate, general construction and special techniques.

Whether you are looking for a talent to join your company or an expert dedicated to helping you develop your career, we will scrupulously fulfil the task you set us, supported by a caring, expert and bold stance.

We are proud of our talents, most of whom we support exclusively, not only for their level of expertise but also for their work ethic.

We are also delighted that our clients choose us because of our distinctive values and high expertise.


Our values

DGE Construction draws on values that are strong, distinctive and essential to the development and long-term stability of the team. With the guidance of these values, we are sure of offering you the best possible service and advice.

  • Expertise

    Our Consultants are working on specific sectors and in defined geographical areas, this combination gives them an in-depth knowledge of their market. Weekly or monthly, internally or externally, our Consultants are continuously trained to be the most efficient as possible. We are on constant watch. Listening to your needs and expectations, as well as the way our markets evolve, it is part of our daily routine.

  • Determination

    We are determined to bring you maximum added value. This determination enables us to complete our missions by exploring all the channels at our disposal. We apply rigorous methods and constantly monitor the quality of our work. We leave no room for improvisation and work with precision, paying constant attention to all the details. Based on risk 0, in our method all the pre-recruitment stages are free of charge for our clients, as is the service we offer our talents.


    We believe our duty is to adopt a posture of empathy and transparency towards our talents and all of our partners. Good ideas come from collective intelligence, at Kingsley & Partners employees are encouraged to share their ideas freely, respecting each other's opinions and differences. We believe it is essential to share with those who need it the most, and we are proud to support a number of not-for-profit organisations active in the fields of education and professional integration or reintegration.


    The world is constantly changing, and in order to be up to date with the societal evolutions and technological upheavals that influence us every day, we invest a considerable part of our turnover in alternative tools: artificial intelligence, augmented reality, "phygital" events. Our ambition is to reinvent the recruitment sector. Creativity, inventiveness and curiosity are the words that define our state of mind, whether it is to find solutions to your recruitment needs or to add something fresh into your career.

Our team

  • team team Malik
    Malik CEO
  • team team Laurent
    Laurent Founding Partner
  • team team Solange
    Solange Career Advisor
  • team team Florise
    Florise Career Advisor
  • team team Alice
    Alice Senior Career Advisor
  • team team Marie-Amélie
    Marie-Amélie Senior Career Advisor
  • team team Cédric
    Cédric Senior Career Advisor

Our experts

“With some ten years’ experience in HVAC under my belt, I am proud to contribute my trade expertise to a reliable company”
“A valuable professional collaboration in which I am very enthusiastically taking part”
“DGE Construction makes it a priority to engage with its clients and applicants at local level. That is why I would like to make my contribution by working alongside them”
“The team’s adaptability and professionalism make DGE Construction an exemplary company and one in which it is a pleasure to work”
“What I like about my role as an expert is assisting in the selection of the best profiles, side by side with a competent and friendly team”
“Out of a concern for the client’s and the applicant’s needs, we work with solidarity and complicity to deal with each request as effectively as possible within the lead time given”

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